Ratsherrn Tradition

Our small brewing team takes care of honest handicraft and brewing well-balanced beer specialties. They experiment a lot, choose ingredients thoughtfully and create new recipes ever since. For the simple reason that we love beer more than anything – we are thrilled about that! As if this wasn’t enough – Hamburg narrates a significant brewing history that brought out many beers. And you know what? We are actually still brewing those styles like in the good old days.

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Ratsherrn New Tradition

When we first decided on brewing “Craft Beer” we reached far back into Hamburg’s brewing tradition and far out to be inspired by the international craft beer movement. Since Germans get associated with beer constantly it was about time to stir things up. Luckily our brewmasters are crazy enough about beer to know that there is so much more to it than widely known! Thomas Kunst, Philip Bollhorn, Ian Pyle and their team are the ones that brew fresh, honest, flavorful and well-balanced beers.

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Manche Traditionen lassen wir genauso, wie sie sind – z. B. das Mindestalter für Alkoholgenuss.
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