Micro Brewery

Something grand, something small. One of our most recent trifles is “the Micro”, as we affectionately refer to it amongst ourselves. In our microbrewery, thanks to the integrated bottling line, we are able to produce small runs of beers. This, for example, is where we brew our “limited varieties”. But there’s much more...

We hired Ian Pyle as manager, development brewmaster and front man for the microbrewery. Our charming friend from Philadelphia—until he fell in love with Ratsherrn— had been working as brewmaster in charge of development at the Samuel Adams Brewery in Boston. While there, he was constantly on the lookout for new recipes, inspirations and influences that could help promote the creation of new craft beers. This is what he now does for us—fantastic!

Back to the topic at hand: On the one hand, we use the microbrewery to research, develop and try out new and exciting things. On the other, we will be offering “custom made brews” here at regular intervals. Interested customers, companies, and beer aficionados have the opportunity, for example, to brew their very own style of beer on site together with Ian or another of our experienced brewmasters. So: your own creation, your own ingredients, you get down to work and then your own beer. Awesome, right? You see, our “micro” is run with heart-and-soul.

You can experience it live in the Brewery Tour. A digital sample is also available as video. We uploaded an exciting time-lapse movie of the construction of the microbrewery on the web.

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