Ratsherrn – Hopfen, Malz und Hamburg

Hops, Malt and Hamburg! What’s that all about? Since 2012 we are crazy about brewing honest and fresh beers in our hometown: Hamburg.

Our small brewing team takes care of honest handicraft and brewing well-balanced beer specialties. They experiment a lot, choose ingredients thoughtfully and create new recipes ever since. For the simple reason that we love beer more than anything – we are thrilled about that!
As if this wasn’t enough – Hamburg narrates a significant brewing history that brought out many beers. And you know what? We are actually still brewing those styles like in the good old days.

You will find Ratsherrn in the heart of Hamburg, in the „Schanzenhöfe“. We simply love this place. It’s a lively neighborhood that welcomes everyone. Our brew pub Altes Mädchen is right next door to the brewery and offers a humongous variety of beers, homely yet vivid atmosphere and savory, local meals to go along.

Come visit us and have a look (and a sip) yourself!

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Manche Traditionen lassen wir genauso, wie sie sind – z. B. das Mindestalter für Alkoholgenuss.
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